Professional Aircraft Management

Let us take care of you and your aircraft, so you can focus on what you do best: running your business and enjoying your life! 
We are now adopting a new online maintenance tracking software and offer a maintenance membership to better support our customers on the field for $99.00 per month. We'll send the online customer portal invitation to you from Quantum MX by email. (If you don't see it, check the spam/junk folder). 
Our goal is to reduce the likelihood of common related issues throughout the year. Saving you time and money. We can customize the service as needed by you and your aircraft.

Here's what we offer:

  • Online maintenance tracking on:
  • Annual
  • 50 Hr. / Oil change
  • Registration
  • Recurring AD's
  • Time on parts specified by you, i.e. magneto 500hr, prop time, etc.
  • Pitot static & transponder certification
  • Nav Database updates

Inspection Items preformed monthly:

    • Walk around
    • Check lights
    • Check all fluids (your specified oil level)
    • Check tire wear and pressure
    • Check brakes
    • Sump fuel tanks
    • Check O2 (fee if service required)
    • Check cowling security
    • Charge battery if not flown frequently
    • Windows and leading edge cleaning
    • Tidy up aircraft and hanger
    • Stock hanger with oil and cleaning supplies

The employees of Savannah Aviation take constant care of saving maximum possible funds while managing your aircraft. The basic task in our work is improving the cost efficiency of the aircraft ownership, and to increase the profitability of the aircraft management program. We can manage every aspect of plane ownership for you. From acquisition to sale of your aircraft and everything in between, we can professionally manage your aircraft.

Part of our maintenance program with Quantum View include:

You get an online status sheet of all recurring maintenance items 
Quantum MX provides a secure online portal where you customers can view information about their aircraft.

    • Customers update aircraft tach times.
    • Customers view a maintenance reminder status sheet.
    • Customer login is not required.
    • Send automated email reminders to customers to update their aircraft status.

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