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Whether it’s learning a new hobby or pursuing a career in Aviation,

Savannah Aviation Flight Training can help you achieve your aviation goals.


Savannah Aviation is Coastal Georgia’s #1 Flight School and Cirrus Authorized Training Center offering initial and add on FAA certificates, ratings, and endorsements:




Multi Engine

Complex/High Performance

Certified Flight Instructor


No matter where you live in the coastal Georgia region, Savannah Aviation has the resources, flexibility, and availability

to make your flight training experience as affordable and convenient as possible.


(A complete list can be found in the following sections of the Federal Aviation Regulations/Airman Information Manual (FAR/AIM))

Private Pilot (FAR 61.109):

40 hours minimum which consists of at least:

 20 hours with an instructor

10 hours minimum of solo flying

Instrument Rating (FAR 61.65):

• Hold at least a current private pilot certificate

• 50 hours of cross-country as pilot in command

• 40 hours of actual or simulated instrument time

• 15 hours training from an authorized instructor

Commercial Pilot (FAR 61.129):

• 250 hours of total flight time

o 100 hours must be in powered aircraft

o 50 must be in airplanes.

• 100 hours of pilot-in-command time

o 50 of which must be in airplanes.

• 50 hours of cross-country time

o 10 of which must be in an airplane.

• 20 hours of training

o 10 of instrument

o 10 of complex/technically advanced aircraft

• 10 hours solo/supervised Pilot in Command

Multi-Engine Rating (FAR 61.63):

While there are no specific hour requirements for adding a multi-engine rating to a certificate,

most pilots require about 10 hours of flight training to reach the proficiency to pass the practical test.


Savannah Aviation offers affordable study material to help students prepare for their FAA written/oral exam and practical checkride:

Aeronautical Knowledge Handbook $25.00

Airplane Flying Handbook $20.00

FAR/AIM $18.00

Pilot Logbook $11.00

E6B computer $10.00



Savannah Aviation is an equal opportunity training facility and welcomes students from all backgrounds and nationalities.

Non-US citizens, to include permanent residents, must register with the Transportation Security Administration prior to receiving flight training at


What are the basic requirements to start training?

• Be at least 16 years old to solo

• Be at least 17 years old for the check ride

• Read, speak, write, and understand English

• Obtain at least a third-class medical certificate

How long does it take to earn a private pilot license?

• Our goal at Savannah Aviation is to help you get your license within 40-50 hours of instruction. The national average, however, is about 70 hours and 3-to-7 months.

How often should I fly?

• We recommend at least 2-to-3 times per week until you solo, then once a week thereafter. At this pace, your learning will improve at a faster rate and thereby save you money in the long run.

What special skills are needed to be a pilot?

• If you have the motivation to learn, then you are ready to begin flying. Flying does not involve math skills beyond basic high school arithmetic.

What can I do as a private pilot?

• You may carry passengers (but not get paid for it) in a single engine airplane, day or night, in visual flying conditions, anywhere in the United States.

Can I earn a flight instructor rating with Savannah Aviation?

• Absolutely! As an instructor you’ll get paid to fly and log the 1500 hours needed for a career in the airlines.


Can I use my GI Bill to offset the cost of flight training?

• Savannah Aviation is an FAA approved Part 141 Flight School for private pilot certification and instrument rating airplane.   You can use GI Bill benefits to offset the cost of flight training but only if you already have a private pilot license and a second class medical certificate.  Click the link below for details:

VA Flight Training Benefits


With our variety of aircraft and highly trained certified flight instructors,

we can tailor our curriculum to accommodate all your training needs.