CATS Testing

Savannah Aviation is an authorized Computer Assisted Testing Service (CATS) center 
offering examinations for all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) written knowledge exams as well as hundreds of different educational, licensing, and certification tests.

General information on all FAA written tests can be found at the following website:


Effective January 13, 2020: all applicants who wish to take an FAA knowledge test will need an FAA Tracking Number (FTN) before they can register for a test. 
You can register for a FTN at
Here are the steps......
1. Press the "Register" button on the top right of the screen
2. Select "Applicant" 
3. Fill out the admin data 
4. Fill out Security Questions
5. Fill out a Username/Password (write down both an keep in a safe place)
6. Submit application
7. Write down your FTN and have it with you when you call to schedule a test

After you have an FTN, applicants can now schedule their FAA Airman Knowledge Test by registering at
Click the link below for details on the new changes to the FAA testing process:

Ready for your exam or have questions?  Contact Savannah Aviation at (912) 964-1022 to schedule your CATS test today!

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